Glo Data Subscription Cheaper Than Ever

It's being a real battle between network providers this year, and i must confess the battle as so far being favoring internet users in Nigeria.

Glo data now more cheaper than ever before, so you have no excuse not to be connected 24/7 even if you are using Android device which many will agree to be the most data consuming mobile device.

 Note: You don't need any IMEI tweaking with this data sub, and it works on all internet enable device

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Airtel 2GB For N200 And 6GB For N500

 List of Affordable Data For MTN, Airtel, and Glo


  1. To subscribe for Glo 3.2GB for N1000, dial *127*53#

  2. To subscribe for 7.5GB for N2000, dial *127*55#

  3. To subscribe for 10GB for N2500, dial *127*58#

  4. To subscribe for 12GB for N3000, dial *127*54#

  5. To subscribe for 18GB for N4000, dial *127*59#

You can also do any of this by dialling *777#

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Create Subtitles and Translations on any Video

There is nothing more frustrating than watching an interesting video that you can bearly hear the accent of the actors acting. Thanks to developers who had always provide solution to many things we've always wanted.

How Can I Create Subtitles and Translations on any Video?

1.    1. First thing first, download VideoPad program on your windows PC, and you can go with the other process after installing it.

2.     2. Now that you’ve downloaded and installed the program, goto top menu, after that, click on clips and select add files

3.       You can then go on to select the video file that you wish to create subtitle for.

4.       Once the file as being imported, right-click on it and select place clip on sequence


5.       Next, on that top menu, click on the Home tab and then click subtitle.

6.       After the previous step, an editing window interface would pop, on this interface you will be able to edit or create your own subtitle on the video.

7.     Create and apply the subtitles according to timing as seen in the image below.


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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is no rocket science as some people think. In case you don't know, It's a network technology that creates a secure network connection over a public network such as the Internet or a private network owned by a service provider.

Some VPN  provides tons of server for you, you can hide your IP with it (i.e hide your place of internet connection, , so if you choose Netherlands, any website you open will see you as a visitor from Netherlands). You can google VPN to more about it.

There are various types of VPN and i count this new opera VPN as one of the most simple "to use".

Why you should go for this VPN

1. It's user friendly.
2. VPN secures your connection to the internet.
3. No data limit, subscription or login, it's absolutely free..
4. Advance wifi protection features.
5. It has 5 server regions (US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore).

Download Opera VPN => here <=

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Is Your Device Part of The New Android 7.0 Nougat rollout? Check Now

The much discussed Android 7.0 Nougat was launched recently, and Android users have being waiting earnestly for the update on their devices.

Now google has started the rollout on some devices and with time some other devices will get theirs too. Let me quickly mention the special features now added to the new update.

Some Feature That Comes With Android 7.0 Nougat

1. Built in mobile data server.
2. Vulkan graphics, API.
3. You can easily switch to the previous, just by double tapping the multitasking button.
4. Ability to reply from Notifications.
5. Newly dedicated VR mode.
6. Expanded emoji.
7. File-based encryption.
8. Customizable quick settings.

Devices that now supports Android 7.0 includes:

Huawei Nexus                       HTC Nexus 9                  LG nexus 5X                 Google pixel C
General Mobile 4G              Asus Nexus Player         Motorolla Nexus 6  

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How to Get Double Data When You Do Any MTN Subscription

Let me just be straight with this post, This is a kind of package where you get twice the data you data you subscribe for. Example: If you subscribe for MTN 1.5gb you will get 3gb, it's as simple as that.

You Can Only Get This Double Data If:
1. You are an Android Users (This is because, it requires imei tweaking).
2. If you are on MTN Family Package

Steps To Follow:

1. Tweak your Android IMEI 

Use the IMEI numbers below

  Change the last 3 digits and check if it is valid here

To learn how to tweak an IMEI number check this post: How to tweak IMEI

2.  Migrate to MTN beta talk, by dialling *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.

you can then subscribe to any MTN data plan by dialing *131*1#,  your data would be doubled after subscription. To check your data balance, simply send 2 to 131 or dial *559*2#.
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There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. . Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival.

Check out the things that you can do with it 

FIRST: Emergency
The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112.
If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency,
dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. Try it out...

SECOND: Have you locked your keys in the car?

Does your car have remote keyless entry? This may come in handy someday.
Good reason to own a cell phone: If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their mobile phone from your cell phone.
Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock.
Saves someone from having to drive your keys to you.
Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles away, and if you can reach someone who has the other ' remote ' for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the trunk)...
Editor ' s Note: It works fine! We tried it out and it unlocked our car over a mobile phone! '

THIRD: Hidden Battery Power

Imagine your mobile battery is very low. To activate, press the keys *3370#
Your mobile will restart with this reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery.
This reserve will get charged when you charge your mobile next time.

FOURTH: How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?

To check your Mobile phone ' s serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 #
A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset..
Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. When your phone get stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless.
You probably won ' t get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can't use/sell it either. If everybody does this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.

FIFTH : ATM - PIN Number Reversal - Good to Know
If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can
notify the police by entering your PIN # in reverse. For example, if your pin number is 1234,
then you would put in 4321.
The ATM system recognizes that your PIN number is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to the location.

This information was recently broadcast on CTV by Crime Stoppers however it is seldom used because people just don't know about it.  Please pass this along to everyone.
This is the kind of information people don ' t mind receiving, so pass it on to your family and friends

By Beatrice Abimbola Oluwasanmi

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Learn How To Scan QR Codes

Learn How To Scan QR Codes

QR Codes have been invented a couple of decades ago in Japan. They are 2D barcodes that can pack a lot of information into a relatively small space. Also, their design makes them pretty resilient in case their support gets scratched. Since QR Codes are more and more used worldwide, knowing how to scan/decode them is very useful. In this article, we will be knowing – what is a QR Code and several ways to scan QR Codes.

What is a QR Code?

QR Code means “Quick Response code”. It is a machine-readable code that can be decoded only with the help of a smart device (phones, tablets, etc…) QR Codes are simply a representation of text information which has been encoded into a 2D barcode form.
They increase productivity because it’s faster to scan the code, than entering the information manually. QR Codes came into existence in 1994. It was invented by Denso Wave (a subsidiary of Toyota Industries). They look like this:

Why are QR Codes used for?

There are many usages for QR Codes, the common ones are as follows:
  • Tracking Packages (Vehicle parts, product tracking etc.)
  • Pointing to URLs
  • Instantly add a vCard contact (virtual business card)
  • Making payment from a wallet app
  • Website Login
  • Point to an app download URL

How to scan QR codes on Android

There are tons of QR Code scanner applications available on the Play Store and most of them work as expected. However, we would be mentioning just one of the popular QR scanner apps for Android. Fret not, every QR code scanner app works (more or less) the same way.
QR Code Reader One of the most popular QR code scanner app. It can also scan product barcodes and let you know more about the pricing of a product. The app is 2.20 MB in size and has no known abnormal bugs at the time of publishing. It is completely free. Fortunately, it does not contain in-app advertisements.
However, to be able to scan all types of barcodes, you need to upgrade it to the pro version at 2 USD. Also, with the premium version installed, you get the ability to set the QR Codes to open on your default browser rather on the in-app browser.

Steps to use QR Code Reader

                                          qr code reader android
  • Step #1: Install the app from the Play Store (no 3rd party stores!).
  • Step #2: Open the application.
  • Step #3: Now, you just need to point your device’s camera at the QR Code.
Note: Some QR Codes might direct you to malicious websites and tempt you to install unwanted applications.

Scan QR codes on iPhone/iPad

Similar to Android, iPhones or iOS powered devices do not have the built-in ability to scan QR codes. Apple Pay surely does scan QR codes and check out using it at Walmart retail stores (or similar partner stores). But, you cannot use it for anything other than payments.
The most loved QR scanner app for iOS devices – “Quick Scan – QR Code Reader”. Let us get to know how it works.

Steps to use Quick Scan

                                      quick scan iOS
  • Step #1: Install the app from the App store.
  • Step #2: Hit the app icon to launch it.
  • Step #3: Now, you just need to point your device’s camera at the desired QR Code. So, it is pretty simple to use and the same way works on Android as well.

Scan QR Codes on PC

As the QR codes are being used almost everywhere (embedded in an image, directs you to download an app through a website, and tons more), there was a need to expand the functionality to scan QR codes even without a smartphone.
Should you buy a smartphone just to scan a QR code on the web? No, you do not.
There are several QR Code scanner software tools developed. CodeTwo QR Code desktop reader is one of them. It is a freeware (software that is available free of charge) for Windows. So, if you are a Mac user, you could try QR Journal. And, just in case, you are a Linux user, you can head to this forum thread to get started.

Steps to use CodeTwo QR Desktop Reader

                                            code two qr code for windows

  • Step #1:Download the setup file from the official website.
  • Step #2: Open the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Step #3: After you are done with the installation, launch the software.
  • Step #4: Choose the way you want to scan the code. Here, the tool offers two different ways with which you can work with QR Codes – from the screen and from a file.
  • Step #5: If you want to scan a QR Code that you observed on a website, email, and banner, you can select the option – “From screen” to scan the QR Code by highlighting it with the help of your cursor (similar to what you do with the clipping tool).
  • Step #6: If you have an image file downloaded, you can select the option – “From file” to select the desired file and scan it.

Scan QR Code – Barcode Scanner device

                                  barcode scanner deviceIf you want a dedicated device to scan QR codes, there is nothing better than a QR / Barcode scanner device.The device would come handy if you are a physical retailer or have a role that needs you to scan codes regularly.
There are various manufacturers offering these devices. We would mention PegasusTech, Argox, and Honeywell as some of the recommended brands to get a code scanner device from.


There are several ways by which we can scan a QR Code. The most expensive way would be the barcode scanner device, and the easiest is the smartphone. If you are not equipped with a smartphone, you can do it on your PC as well.

Source: ubergizmo

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Financial Empowerment: MMM Will Make You The Millionaire You Want To Be

MMM is a community of people providing each other financial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence.In MMM you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property.

PH – Provide Help
GH – Get Help
PO – Personal/Private MMM Online Office
DL – Downline
UL – Upline (Your Referrer & Guider & Guider’s Guider)
PMT – Payment
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
POP – Proof of Payment
DD – Direct Deposit
CRO - (Control and Revision Officers) MMM Policing body
who monitors MMM System & Participants to ensure rules
are being adhered to and participation is fair and respectful.
MORATORIUM – Your MMM Account has been frozen. 1stsign – you cannot GH or no PH Allocations. You need to verify yourself. Create Support Ticket, submit ID, Copy of Bank Card, Bank Verification Letter which states your full name, ID, Bank Card and Bank Account Number, and all your social media links ie Facebook, Twitter etc.
LOH – Letter of Happiness
VOH – Video of Happiness
PEEPS – Beautiful MMM Participants

In MMM there are no lenders and no debtors. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps.The only thing that MMM demands from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other. You ask for financial help when you need it,you give financial help when you are able to do it.VERY IMPORTANT!There is no сentral account, where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from). All the money is only on the banking accounts of the participants themselves!On a lot of thousand and million private accounts.

Participants transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries! (What are they for? ) In fact, MMM only regulates the process — nothing more. So the System completely belongs to people. No kidding! It is a real mutual aid fund where ordinary people help each other.How does it work technically? You declare the willingness to give help (click in your Personal Office (hereinafter PO) "Provide Help"), after which your account will be rewarded with mavro (internal “currency”/scores of the System). 

Mavros will start growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 30% per month. (Calculation of reward occurs twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 00:00 GMT.) This sum in Mavro shows how much you can request for yourself.Say you have announced willingness to assist with $ 100.

You will be rewarded in your PO with 100 mavro. And they will immediately start growing! A month later, these 100 will become 130 mavro. Accordingly, you will be able to request assistance for $ 130.

However, it is not necessary at all to wait for a month. Help can be requested at any time. But only after confirmation of your mavro. What does "after confirmation" mean? It means only after you actually transfer money, i.e. really give assistance to another participant. (But not just declare willingness.) 

Request for providing help comes to you in your personal office. If you do not do it within 48 hours, you will be removed from the system. (For all eternity. :-))In cases of any matter regarding the topic our online consultants are ready to help and answer all your questions.Please note that the use of the words 30% a month cannot be considered as a yield or interest rate since the funds were given away, we are not earning anything anywhere (we are a mutual-aid fund), and nobody promises or guarantees to pay it! Read over THE WARNING.REGISTRATION BONUS When registering in the system,you get from $20 to $100 as a present. But not everyone, only those who have contributed their own money as well. (Otherwise the System will be pulled apart. For bonuses. They will keep registering endlessly.)
1) $20 — if you have contributed from $50 to $499. Frozen for two weeks. If you take it out earlier — you will lose twenty.
2) $50 — if you have contributed from $500 to $2999. Frozen for a month.
3) $100 — $3'000 and above. Also frozen for a month.Once again about “freezing”. Bear in mind that if you take your money out earlier, you'll lose registration bonus. Only the bonus! But the contribution with all the accrued interest will be paid. Each participant is allowed to have only one account...Together we change our world!

i do advice people to start with like 20 k because of the registration bonus

MMM Golden Rules

Rule 1.
Do not have multiple account. You can always PH as many times as you want with one MMM account.
Penalty: all accounts will be permanently blocked, you will be banned.
MMM CRO (control & revised office) keeps track of every participants IP address. Once you use your phone to log into another participant's account ; both accounts will be under Moratorium. Moratorium is when there's suspicion on an account. Your account could be on moratorium for 14 days - 1 month.
Note: ONLY your Guider can log into your account and that of your downlines IF you / or your downlines make him /her a Trustee

Rule 2.
Do not share email or bank details with other members
Penalty: you will all be blocked from getting help until you give identity proof

Do not delay in paying for your order,
Penalty: you will be blocked

Rule 4.
Do not edit your banking details or change password less than 15 days before Getting help
Penalty: Your GH will be delayed for 14 days
Rule 5.
Do not click on the "I refuse to make payment" button for more than once a month
Penalty: You will be blocked

Rule 6.
Do not make deposit and fail to attach proof of payment
Penalty: You will be blocked

Rule 7.
Do not fail to confirm your payment
Penalty: You will be blocked

Rule 8.
Do not allow your family member to PH more than you. If they have more than the amount u PH'ed to donate, let them do it through your PO or tell them to register through your guider's link.
Penalty:You won't get the referral bonus

Rule 9.
Always remember to write your Letter of Happiness after every GH (withdrawal). Max days to write it after your GH is 3days.
Penalty: You will be blocked
Master them well!!!

Note: These rules were made to protect MMM Community. Don't forget MMM is solely based on trust and honesty between all participants. Together We Change The World MMM
You can always ask me any question to direct you on how to register.. (my contact: 07062509421)

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Enjoy your weekend!!! 

Reminder: Glo 3gb for N500

Hello!! happy weekend everyone, just want to give you a reminder of the already existing glo weekend package, 3gb for just N500.

Read also: Get 500mb for N25 and 1.5gb for N50 on Airtel
                   Airtel 2GB For N200 And 6GB For N500 
                   List of Affordable Data For MTN, Airtel, and Glo

Though almost everything in Nigeria is getting costlier, but not for data, so we can always get smiles on our faces.

How do i go about it
Dial *777# and follow the prompt. From Data services => Buy data => Night and weekend plan. or simply dial *777*1*1*7#.

Note: Glo TGIF weekend data plan is usable from Saturday 12:00AM to Sunday night at 11:59PM
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Enjoy your weekend!!! 

My 8 Best phablets in 2016

Our hands might not be getting any bigger these days, but our phones certainly are. Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note was released - and proved a success - in 2010, phablets have been growing with lots of companies around the world jumping up their flagship phone sizes.
Flagship phones such as the OnePlus 3, Moto X Style and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are now sat at the 5.5-inch and up mark. Other phones are breaking the 6-inch mark as some phablets are starting to resemble small tablets, arguably filling the roles of both a smartphone and a slate.
If you think that one device is better than two, or just have really big hands, then there's a growing selection of phones to suit... and these are the best.

8. Moto G4

The fourth generation Moto G is here
Weight: 155g | Dimensions: 153 x 76.6 x 9.8mm | OS: Android 6 Marshmallow | Screen size: 5.5-inch | Resolution: 1080 x 1920 | CPU: Snapdragon 617 | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 16/32GB | Battery: 3000mAh | Rear camera: 13MP | Front camera: 5MP
Low price
Bright Full HD display
No fingerprint scanner
The Moto G4 is one of the best cheap phones you can buy right now and it just so turns out the latest Moto G handset is also a phablet.
It features a 5.5-inch Full HD display - a jump up from a 720p screen on the last Moto G - and it's impressively powerful too with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 chipset and 2GB of RAM under the hood.
It doesn't feature NFC or a fingerprint scanner, but for this price you wouldn't usually expect those features on a phablet. If you want a phablet on a budget, go for the Moto G4.

7. Moto X Style

Customisable and affordable
Weight: 179g | Dimensions: 153 x 76.2 x 11.1mm | OS: Android 5.1.1 | Screen size: 5.7-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 2560 | CPU: Snapdragon 808 | RAM: 3GB | Storage: 16/32/64GB | Battery: 3000mAh | Rear camera: 21MP | Front camera: 5MP
Bright, vibrant screen
Pure Android
Big and heavy
Disappointing battery

The Moto X Style is one of three pretty high-end handsets Motorola has released back in 2015, slotting in between the Moto X Force and the Moto X Play in terms of specs and price, but with a 5.7-inch screen it's the largest of the three.
It runs nearly pure Android too, so for fans of unadulterated versions of Google's OS it's a strong alternative to the Nexus 6P.
As the name suggests the Style is pretty stylish and hugely customisable, with a metal frame and a wood, leather or plastic back. It's not quite as much of a looker as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ or iPhone 6S Plus, but it's not far off.
The battery life could be better and it's a bit of a handful, but with solid performance, a decent camera and a reasonable price tag it's well worth considering.
Read the full review: Moto X Style
See the best Moto X Style deals

6. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

The world's first 4K screen in a phone
Weight: 180g | Dimensions: 154 x 75.8 x 7.8mm | OS: Android 5.1.1 | Screen size: 5.5-inch | Resolution: 2160 x 3840 | CPU: Snapdragon 810 | RAM: 3GB | Storage: 32GB | Battery: 3430mAh | Rear camera: 23MP | Front camera: 5.1MP
Huge 4K display
Impressive finger scanner
Poor battery life
Lacklustre design

This is Sony's latest phablet, and it's a pretty darn nifty one at that. Its main feature is the 4K screen it's packing on the front - and it's not as mental as you'd think.
It's a brilliant display - there's nothing more pin-sharp on the market at 806ppi density. We're not convinced you'll be able to SEE those extra pixels, and they're not turned on all the time, but it's there.
The Xperia Z5 is already a good phone, and that's been supersized here - with the same brilliant camera, waterproof chassis and good Hi-Res audio.
Battery life could be better, but it's no worse than a lot on this list - if you want to try something different, the Xperia Z5 Premium could well be it.
Read the full review: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
See the best Sony Xperia Z5 Premium deals

5. Nexus 6P

Google's second-generation phablet is here
Weight: 178g | Dimensions: 159 x 77.8 x 7.3mm | OS: Android 6 | Screen size: 5.7-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 2560 | CPU: Snapdragon 810 | RAM: 3GB | Storage: 32/64/128GB | Battery: 3450mAh | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 8MP
Nice-to-hold phablet
Great specs for the price
Ugly rear camera bulge
No optical image stabilization

With an all-metal build, a fingerprint scanner, front-facing stereo speakers and high end specs the Nexus 6P is far and away the most premium device yet in the Nexus range.
The screen is big at 5.7 inches, though actually slightly smaller than the 5.96-inch monster on the Nexus 6. It's a great display though, with a QHD resolution and vibrant if not quite true-to-life colours.
The Nexus 6P also runs Android Marshmallow. It's one of the first devices to do so and it's the stock version, which is superior to most manufacturer skins. Being a Nexus device it's also promised quick updates to new versions of the OS, so it should stay fresh for longer.
It doesn't quite feel as full-featured as some rival, as there's no wireless charging for example, but it's also a little cheaper and for the most part it feels every bit a flagship.

4. iPhone 6S Plus

Just as big, but a little better
Weight: 192g | Dimensions: 158 x 77.9 x 7.3mm | OS: iOS 9 | Screen size: 5.5-inch | Resolution: 1080 x 1920 | CPU: Apple A9 | RAM: 2GB | Storage: 16/64/128GB | Battery: 2750mAh | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 5MP
3D Touch has exciting potential
Bright, vibrant display
Big and heavy
Apple's second phablet is a modest upgrade on its first one, but given the iPhone 6 Plus was one of the best phablets of 2014 that still makes this a great handset.
The iPhone 6S Plus takes all the good things about its predecessor, like the stylish metal build, TouchID fingerprint scanner and bright, vibrant screen and adds to them.
We get a new 12MP camera capable of taking great shots, we get a boost in power and we get whole new features like 3D Touch, which has the potential to really change the way we operate our phones.
The 6S Plus isn't a cheap handset, especially in larger storage sizes (up to 128GB), but it does a good job of justifying every penny you'll spend, with slick performance and that overwhelming sense of premium quality that we've come to expect from Apple.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Putting the phab in phablet
Weight: 171g | Dimensions: 153 x 76.1 x 7.6mm | OS: Android 5.1.1 | Screen size: 5.7-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 2560 | CPU: Exynos 7420 | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 32/64/128GB | Battery: 3000mAh | Rear camera: 16MP | Front camera: 5MP
Slick glass-backed design
Record-break specs
No microSD card slot
Samsung's Note 5 isn't the easiest phone to get a hold of in the UK, but it's readily available in the US and is the best Galaxy Note yet.
The S Pen is better than ever with more features on the stylus and the design of this phablet is better than the Galaxy Note 4.
You won't get the curved screens of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but it's still a worthwhile purchase if you're a fan of the Note brand.

2. OnePlus 3

OnePlus finally has a genuine flagship killer
Weight: 158g | Dimensions: 152.7 x 74.7 x 7.4mm | OS: Android 6 Marshmallow | Screen size: 5.5-inch | Resolution: 1080 x 1920 | CPU: Snapdragon 820 | RAM: 6GB | Storage: 32/64/128GB | Battery: 3000mAh | Rear camera: 16MP | Front camera: 8MP
Premium design
Plenty of power
Only 64GB, no microSD slot
Full HD resolution
The latest phone from OnePlus is the real flagship killer the company has been looking for since 2014. With a metal uni-body design and a powerful processor set up this is one of the best phones money can buy.
What's especially great is the price. Compared to other flagship phones, the OnePlus 3 is much cheaper and won't cost you anywhere near as much as the number one on this list.
If you're after a cheap yet high-end smartphone, the OnePlus 3 may well be the best choice for you in 2016.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Edge screen finally reaches the top spot
Weight: 157g | Dimensions: 150 x 72.6 x 7.7mm | OS: Android 6 | Screen size: 5.5-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 2560 | CPU: Snapdragon 820 | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 32/64GB | Battery: 3600mAh | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 5MP
Beautiful screen
Great feel
Slight plastic feel
Samsung now has two entries in the best phablet list, with the Galaxy S7 Edge reaching the top spot. The new curved handset is a beautiful 5.5-inch phone that includes even more functionality on those side screens than we've seen on past iterations.
It's one of the more expensive handsets on this list, but it's worth the extra money for such a gorgeous looking phone.
Plus the design is even more impressive when you realise this is the first waterproof Galaxy Edge product. If you want a top of the range phone that looks a little different to every other square slab out there on the market, the Galaxy S7 Edge is probably the choice for you.


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